Tank Battle


The most attractive Turn-based game in 2021!
Tank Battle is a war-themed strategy game with a completely new style and a variety of game modes.
Tank Battle is developed by a subsidiary game studio of GOSU Corp and backed with blockchain technology by akaChain.io. Grab your friends, we really need talented strategists here to join us in these epic battles and earn valuable rewards. We have designed gameplay that can ignite your talent in strategic thinking and teamwork. Assert yourself in Tank Battle universe with a variant in game modes: PVE, PVP, Alliance War, and Tournament that we are working around the clock to improve every day with hopes that you can really enjoy and earn more income from this amazing GameFi.
More than just a game of Play for Fun or Play to Earn
Tank Battle NFT game creates competitions among team players and alliances. Players have to compete to gain valuable resources, to upgrade their line-up to form an invincible squad to conquer the Tank Battle worlds and territories. Strategic thinking is a must - you'll have to smartly arrange your squad and assign missions to your alliances in order to protect your territory from enemy attacks, and thus secure your resources and incomes.
Tank Battle NFT game creates competitions for team players and alliances to gain valuable token rewards. But it's not a piece of cake because Tank Battle asks you to have strategic thinking and strength expressed through interaction and connection with other players.
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