Tank Battle

Game Assets

$TBL Token

$TBL is the Governance token of the game that players can purchase on DEX and convert to Gold. Gold is used directly in the game to help reduce gas fees. Players can exchange Gold for $TBL and vice versa.
Conversion rate: subject to change over time.


GOLD is the most valuable currency in the game. Gold is used to purchase garage slots to restore Tank's stamina and for almost every in-game feature.
Players can earn Gold as a reward by participating in game modes such as PVE, PVP, and Alliances war.
  • PVE: conquer every 10 gates with straight 3 stars, which cannot be obtained through farming.
Gold can be exchanged for $TBL when players claim their rewards.


Gem is a valuable asset that aids players in NFTs production. It is obtained through farming and there are bonuses when passing PVE gates with bosses.
Players can use 1000 Gems to create a Gem Box, and 4000 Gems for a Hyper Box.

Gem Box

When opening a Gem box, you can get items including a Tank module, Mind Stone, or a random complete Tank. Also, opening Gem Box has a failure rate and you will get 100, 200, or 300 Gems back.
Tank Module
Mind Stone
Bad luck
Get 100, 200, or 300 Gems back

Hyper Box

4000 Gems = 1 Hyper Box
  • 90% chance to get 1 random complete tank
  • 10% chance to get 3 random tank modules

Mind Stone

The Mind Stone is a valuable support item. It increases the probability of creating a Tank of the Mythic or Legendary rarity.