Tank Battle

Tank Modules

Make sure to get a lot of these!
To build a tank, players must first collect enough 4 modules including Track, Engine, Chassis, and Turret. Modules are traded NFTs from the Marketplace.
4 tank modules: track, engine, chassis, turret
To obtain Tank Modules, you can purchase Boxes to receive random modules or purchase the necessary modules sold by other players on the Marketplace. You can also sell your surplus modules on the market.
Collecting Gems is another way to create a module. 1000 Gems can create 1 Gembox with a chance to get 1 module. Playing games is how you create something in NFT games.
NFTs owned by players are crafted tanks that can be traded or sold on the Marketplace.

Tank crafting rarity rate

  • Common: 60%
  • Rare: 26%
  • Epic: 10%
  • Mythic: 3%
  • Legendary: 1%