Tank Battle


A lab is a place where players can upgrade their tanks. More Lab features will be added in future versions.

Level up Tank

After winning a PVE match, Tanks will receive Exp points. When they have collected enough Exp points for each level and acquired the required amount of Gems, players can proceed to upgrade the tank.
After leveling up Tanks, there will be a number of free potential points that you can use to upgrade. These are used to enhance the tank's power and grow its base stats. Remember to use those free potential points wisely and there's always a Guide to follow!
  • Material: +Defence and +HP
  • Ammunition: +Attack and +Pierce
  • Frame: +Evade and +Critical
  • Technology: +Accurate and + AOE

Tank Fusion

There is a farming limit for every Tank. To reset its farming limit, and to create a new Tank with more stars, bring two Tanks into the Lab for fusion.
  • The two Tanks need to be in the same class, rarity, and obtain the same number of stars.
  • After the fusion, the new Tank will be developed according to the main Tank stats.
  • The other Tank, used as a material for fusion, will be burned and cannot be restored.

Skill upgrade

In the PvP shop, there will be Skill stones available, used for skill upgrading.


As after every time players engage in a fight, whether winning or losing, the tanks' stamina will be reduced. Players will need to bring them to the Garage to restore their stamina.
  • The durability of each tank will be reduced by 3 points when losing a battle, and reduced by 2 points when winning.
  • When the tank's durability drops to 0, the tank will not be able to fight, farm, or sell in the marketplace.
  • Players need to use Gold to restore tanks when durability is low or 0.
Normally, the stamina will recover 1 point after every 10 minutes. When Tanks are put into the Garage, they will recover Stamina faster based on their Rarity as follows