Tank Battle

Alliance War

The Alliance War feature will be updated in phase 2 with 10 territories named after PVE maps, including Monte Cassino, Ardennes, Kursk, Luzon, Kharkiv, Paris, Narva, Moscow, Berlin, and Stalingrad.


The revenue brought to the alliance by collecting taxes is huge on each territory when players participate in PVE on each respective map.
When players join PVE in your alliance's territory, you will receive 2-5% of their total rewards.
For example:
  • Your alliance is in power on the territory of Paris, you will receive a maximum tax of 5% from PVE players in the territory of Paris.
  • However, when you join PVE mode in other territories such as Narva, Moscow,... you have to pay taxes to that alliance in power in that territory.


A commander allies by using Gold to create an alliance with an initial slot of 30 members. Alliance members must contribute resources, complete quests, and form stronger alliances to increase the number of available slots for many members. The more members the alliance has, and the more contributions the members make, the stronger the alliance becomes and the better the alliance's ability to fight in territorial wars.
Revenue from tax collection will be distributed automatically weekly based on each member's active contribution. The commander has control over each member's contribution points, allowing him to make appropriate replacement decisions.
Voters will approve the replacement of alliance members; the members who contribute the most to the alliance will have a more valuable vote. This feature operates in accordance with the DAO mechanism.

Territory Defense

In the first round, all alliances will join the war within 1 hour on territory at a specific time frame, and the strongest alliance that takes and defends the territory until the end will be the winner.
The alliance that captures the territory will immediately begin collecting taxes from the PVE players who want to play there. The Alliance Dashboard will be publicly updated with collected resources such as Gold and Gem, and the income will be distributed automatically before the next alliance battle.
Every week, players will fight to protect the territory from attacks by other alliances, requiring the inhabited alliances to strengthen their squads and prepare to fight other alliances. If they lose, the attacking alliance will take over the territory.
Furthermore, players must strengthen their alliance to occupy other territories to expand their alliance territory.
Players can create a Discord channel on Tank Battle to invite more members to join the alliance.