Tank Battle

NFTs Quantity Controlling


  • Elite Tanks are immortal. Players who own Elite Tanks can use them eternally without having to recycle.
  • The first 50.000 tanks created will be Elite Tanks (equivalent to the first 200.000 minted Tank Modules can be craft into 50.000 Elite Tanks)
  • TankBattle will sell 100.000 Tank Modules through predetermined plans. All 100% $TBL collected from selling Tank Modules will be burnt.
  • 100.000 Tank modules will be collected from playing the game and owned by players.
After the limited quantity of 50.000 Elite Tanks created from DEV's NFT sale and players to obtain from the game are all out, players can collect the following Tanks: Reaper Tanks.


  • Basically, Reaper Tanks have similar stats to Elite Tanks, players can join in game modes and perform any Marketplace features. However, Reaper Tanks will have a limited life cycle. Their life cycle index is based on their Rarity and Level.
  • Reaper Tanks' lifespan will gradually decrease over time, averaging 30 to 40 days. When the life cycle is back to 0, Reaper Tanks cannot participate in in-game features.
  • To recycle Reaper Tank's lifespan, players must use an amount of Gold.
The total supply of Reaper tanks is unlimited. Players own Reaper Tanks when trading on Marketplace at a lower price than Elite Tanks. Besides, players can list their Reaper Tanks for rent to gain more passive income. However, they will have to reinvest to maintain their Reaper Tanks' life cycle.