Tank Battle


Tank Battle is a blockchain game created with the goal of optimizing players' experience while generating economical value. In addition, controlling inflation is one vital factor to make the game a long-term one.
In order to balance the 3 elements, we have built a mechanism to control the return from the player's investment, helping the project to have a hold over inflation and bring as much value as possible to the Tank Battle community.

In-game incentives

Gem is the main in-game incentive resource that players can obtain, collecting 100 Gems to create a Gem Box that players can get multiple items from. They are items with high value and are tradable on the Marketplace.
The mining limit of Gems would vary on a basis of different Tank rarities. ROI rate will always be guaranteed for each type of Tank at the level of 0 stars, upgrading to obtain more stars will bring more profit to players.
Profit percentage per tank
The maximum number of Gems that can be earned from PVE
In a way that is easy to understand, players will have already attained the basic ROI and gotten their return even with Tanks with 0 stars that have reached the Gem mining limit. To generate more profit and to have a Tank with more Stars, players can upgrade 2 same rarity Tanks that both reached the mining limit, this will deflate old NFTs to mine out a less amount of new NFTs, in short, players can own a new Tank with higher Gem mining limit without the need to buy more Tanks.
When Tanks have reached the mining limit, they cannot earn rewards from PvE mode, however, these Tanks can still become a pivotal character of the squad in assistance to pass difficult maps and support other Tanks to earn rewards. Besides, in PvP, Alliance War, and Tournament, these Tanks can still join and compete for rankings and receive rewards as usual.
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