Tank Battle

Stats and Skills

Each tank has its own stats based on its characteristics and role in the squad. These stats depend on the rarity and level of each tank.
  • HP: Survival ability.
  • Def: Armor stats and damage resistance.
  • Atk: Attack stats and attack characteristics.
  • AOE: The ability to deal with massive damage.
  • Critical: Likelihood of critical hit with extra damage per turn.
  • Dodge: The ability to dodge and take no damage at all.
  • Accurate: Hit rate on target (would also remove enemy's dodging ability).
  • Pierce: Ability to remove the target's armor.
  • Farming point

Skill stats

Each tank class will possess unique skills to use in battles. The recovery time and skill effect depend on the tank's level and rarity.
  • HT class: A variety of skills, including increasing defense, damage, or the ability to control a target for a definite period.
  • MT class: Can deal damage on a large area, fast cooldown with boosting damage, stunning, or weakening the opponent.
  • LT class: Has significant damage, ability to prioritize attacks on enemy's tank with low HP or in the back row.
  • TD class: Can block incoming damage, provoke the enemy to attack itself, and other skills to increase resistance.
  • SPG class: Enhances great damage on a wide area of the enemy's squad.
  • ST: Supporting skills such as HP recovery, increased damage, and damage resistance for all teammates.

Squad building

Due to the diversity of characteristics and the difference of the tanks classes, Players must devise an effective strategy to arrange their squad to defeat the opponent's squad. An intriguing aspect of the game is that owning a large number of high rarity tanks does not guarantee a win to the war if you can't put together the right squad to counter your opponent.
Players must first understand the tank's characteristics to form an eligible squad. Instead of investing and not having a tactical mindset, we encourage players to develop a deep understanding of the game and its components.

Properties Point

  • Crafting material: Increase Defense Stats + HP
  • Bullet material: Attack + Armor Penetration
  • Dynamics: Dodge + Critical rate
  • Combat Tech: Accurate + AOE