Tank Battle


$TBL is the governance token officially used in the economic system in Tank Battle. $TBL will be used for the following purposes:
✅ Staking: Holders can stake $TBL with APY level determined based on TVL (Total value lock) and current $TBL price.
✅ Farming: Investors can participate in providing liquidity in currency pairs including: $TBL/BUSD, $TBL/BNB to receive LP Token. LP Token will be used to:
  • Stake to receive tokens from Tank Battle partners
  • Stake to get $TBL so that users are allowed to buy rare NFTs
✅ Marketplace trading: $TBL is used for making purchases, sales, and rentals of NFTs on Marketplace.
✅ Buy NFT: $TBL is used for buying limited NFTs through periodic sales, 100% of the collected $TBL will be burned.